Optimising hotel performance demands a high degree of market knowledge and a range of specialist skills to deal with today’s many challenges. To name but a few:


  • Competing with branded hotels and their extensive resources

  • Filling bedrooms without losing margin to the OTAs

  • Costs escalating ahead of inflation

  • The need for professional sales

  • Marketing and revenue management

  • Guest review sites meaning ‘no place to hide’

  • A rapidly evolving market with increasingly sophisticated demands


At THMC, we recognise that few individuals possess all the knowledge required to address these many challenges. We have therefore built highly experienced teams which can be assembled and deployed to address the specific challenges of any situation.

At the heart of our ability to help independent hotel owner and operators to realise the full potential of their businesses lies our bespoke management support solution, The 12+1 Profit Improvement Plan.

The 12+1 Profit Improvement Plan

Having worked with many hotels across the UK, we have identified that whilst every situation is different, the fundamental challenges of hotel owners and operators are remarkably similar. In response, we therefore developed a bespoke solution; The 12+1 Profit Improvement Plan.

Led by one of our industry-tested Hotel Directors, the programme is typically run over a 12 to 18-month period and is designed simply to enable hotels to optimise their performance. Highly structured, the programme typically includes:

  • Market analysis to ascertain the most appropriate positioning for any hotel
  • Internal review to benchmark performance across 12 key areas including:
    • Financial management and reporting
    • Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management
    • Digital Marketing
    • Rooms Operations
    • Food & Beverage and Events Operations
    • Cost Management
    • Procurement
  • Development of a clear Vision and Core Purpose
  • Assessment of management to ensure it is ‘fit for purpose’ to deliver optimum results
  • Financial restructuring if required
  • Implementation of an agreed 18 Month Road Map and 3 Month Rolling Action Plan
  • On-going guidance and support from a team of experts

As effective in a business that is prospering as one that may have real challenges, the programme has been successfully deployed over many hotels, in certain cases enabling a doubling of profitability.

We would welcome a confidential discussion to determine how we may be able to help you in your particular situation.